Short Film Conference has been in existence since 1970 as a non-profit association for the promotion of the short film. We are the only international organization in the world seeking to unite the global short film community.

Due to the current ongoing changes within our industry because of the #Covid19-crisis, we are giving our members the exclusive opportunity to share knowledge & experiences in the form of Virtual Conferences that will be held via Zoom.

On June 10th (3PM CET), the Virtual Short Film Conference #3: Other Perspectives will give our members the chance to listen to some filmmakers and those who represent them.

On June 17th (3PM CET), the Virtual Short Film Conference #4: Going Viral, Part Two  will invite again some festival representatives who have decided to hold their festival online. This time we’ll talk to some festival directors and programmers whose festival already happened online.

You want to join the Short Film Conference?

Film institutions, distributors, commissions, agencies, festivals, magazines and individuals from anywhere in the world are welcome to join the Short Film Conference.

We ask for a yearly fee of €60,-.