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Brest European Short Film Festival

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November 6th, 2018 to November 11th, 2018

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It’s THE rendez-vous for young filmmakers in Europe! Second biggest short film festival in France, one of a kind with its European dimension, the Brest Festival, founded in 1986, plays a major role in the cultural life of the city of Brest and the region of Brittany, providing a cinema-based event every year in November.

Showcasing the creativity and dynamism of young European filmmaking! And also discovering filmmakers who will go on from their experience at Brest Festival to present their first feature film at a festival such Cannes, for example. The festival is the meeting-point for film professionals, where they can publicise their films and begin new collaborations. The festival also brings together professionals and filmgoers, enabling everyone to find out more about the creative and artistic processes involved in the making of a film.

With its mix of key competition programmes (European, French, UFO-OVNI) and a new set of programmes, the festival reveals the best of European short films. Many programmes outside the competition are also presented in the interest of offering a choice to many types of audience, including the Brest Off, the festival’s window on genre films, Made in Breizh which highlights films made and/or filmed in Brittany, Panorama Animation, an insight into the wealth of European animation films and also the Young Audience programme with its sections for different age-groups and family-viewing.

The Festival is organised by the Côte Ouest Association, whose wider mission is to bring short films and cinema to the public, staging film education events aimed at a variety of audiences, throughout the year.



The flagship programme of our festival, the European Competition is a non-exhaustive and somewhat subjective selection of the continent’s best cinema in the short-film genre.
Every year we have the opportunity to take a rain-check on the health of the film industry. Despite the difficulties, thanks to the support of the film schools, production companies and the madness of certain individuals who embark alone on the journey, we receive dozens of quality debut films.


The short films in the OVNI competition are… different. Neither experimental, nor documentaries, nor fiction, nor animation, and yet all of those things at once. A true laboratory of creativity, the films of this section position themselves on the borders, in the gaps between the norms and codes and make the most of the particularities of the short film, a format which manages to escape from the problems of financial viability and exists only for its cultural value. The result of all this is a programme of striking, independant, amazingly creative and uncompromising films.


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