The Short Film Conference

Every year, the Short Film Conference organises a conference during the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. The Conference consists of a series of presentations, panel discussions and industry talks (parts are exclusively open to SFC-members). It is traditionally closed by a Networking Drink + Dinner to which all the SFC-members are invited.

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Festival Meetings

Starting in 2018, the Short Film Conference encourages short film festivals (that are members of the organization) to organise small, informal meetings with other festival teams/representatives in order to articulate the issues they are facing. The SFC will take notes during said meetings and share them among members to keep the discussion going & come up with ideas.

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About us
The Short Film Conference has been in existence since 1970 as non-profit association for the promotion of the short film. We are the only international organist in the world seeking to unite the global short film community.