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Niels Putman
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Based in Belgium, Niels administrates the Short Film Conference. He has a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Arts (RITCS, Brussels), as well as a Masters in Filmstudies & Visual Culture (University of Antwerp). Niels is currently the editor-in-chief and coordinator of the only short film magazine in Belgium ( He’s also a programming assistent at the Leuven International Short Film Festival since 2016.


Laurence Boyce
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Originally from the UK but now based in Tallinn, Estonia. Laurence is the Programme Director of PÖFF Shorts. Laurence is also a journalist and film critic who writes for many publications including Sight and Sound and Cineuropa.


John Canciani
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Based in Switzerland, John is the artistic director of the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur. He’s a founding member of Pro Short the Swiss Short Film Lobby,  a programer at the Cinema Cameo in Winterthur and a Member of the Swiss Film Academy. He has a Master in Advanced Studies in Curating and published an issue of OnCurating with the title “The future of short films“.


Gina Dellabarca
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Based in New Zealand, running the Academy Awards-accredited short film festival Show Me Shorts that plays in over twenty cities and towns nationwide. Gina’s background is in PR for films, marketing and communications for the broader entertainment industry, and cinema management.


Mick Hannigan
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Mick Hannigan is co-founder and Director of IndieCork Festival, in Cork, Ireland. He has been involved for many years in all aspects of the short film world in particular. He has served respectively as the Cinemas Director of the Irish Film Centre and on the Irish Film Board, and founded Ireland’s only independent arthouse cinema, the Kino Cinema, which ran for thirteen years. Mick is Ireland’s short film expert, and serves on juries throughout the festival world. IndieCork happens in October each year, and flies the flag for independent Irish and international cinema.


Bronwyn Kidd
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< bio to be added soon >


Vincent Langouche
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Vincent is the programme director and coordinator of Leuven International Short Film Festival since 2016. Vincent has worked for the festival in all conceivable capacities in the last 13 years, ranging from editor, director, operator and programmer to volunteer. Besides the short film festival, Vincent also works as a programmer for Docville, International Documentary Film Festival and freelances as editor, animator and director.


Tim Redford
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Born in England, raised in France, Tim spent ten years in Spain working as director of Curtocircutio International Short Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela. Tim now works for Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival as coordinator of the international competition and on the Festival side of, the online platform Clermont created many years ago.


Seigo Tono
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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia director Seigo Tono has been with the event since its second edition in 2000, when it was called the American Short Shorts Film Festival and showed only U.S. films. Since then it has evolved into what Tono describes as “a global event, featuring cutting-edge shorts from around the world.”



Advising the board on a regular basis are Frank Moens, Toril Simonson & Zita Carvalhosa who all have been part of the Board of Directors in previous years.



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The Short Film Conference has been in existence since 1970 as non-profit association for the promotion of the short film. We are the only international organist in the world seeking to unite the global short film community.