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As agreed by the previous conference, every festival that is interested in joining the Shortfilmconference is asked to (re)apply for membership. For existing members this is nothing more than a formality, while entirely new members will have their applications being examined by the appointed subcommittee.

In both cases we ask festivals to fill in the form as thoroughly as possible, as the data gathered will be used for statistical purposes as well as to update (and adding) pages on this site.

For further information, please contact info(at)

Although this form is designed for festivals in the first place, other organisations can apply as well, please ignore the festival-related questions in that case.

General information
Are you applying for an organisation or film festival -
Festival/organisation name
Festival/organisation website
Festival/organisation general email
Organising company/organisation
General description of your festival/organisation
About your upcoming edition
Start of (upcoming) festival (format: DD/MM/YYYY) End of (upcoming) festival (format: DD/MM/YYYY):
Which edition will this be?
Date of next submission deadline (format: DD/MM/YYYY)
What's the maximum length for a film to be considered a short film?
(in minutes)
Do you have competitive sections for short films?
More information about your competition(s)
Do you screen or present... (select all that apply)
Do you charge an entry fee?
Please explain your entry fee structure

Any other information / remarks you would like to add


Have you already attended meetings of the ISFC

Will you attend Clermont Ferrand FF 2015 and be able to attend our meeting (AGM) there?

Acceptance of code of ethics

Does your festival accept and follow the code of ethics (read here) ?


Upcoming festivals

12/Jul - 30/Jul/2017
Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival

4/Aug - 12/Aug/2017

19/Aug - 26/Aug/2017
Concorto Short Film Festival

28/Aug - 3/Sep/2017
OFF - Odense International Film Festival

13/Sep - 23/Sep/2017
Qu├ębec City Film Festival

19/Sep - 24/Sep/2017
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

21/Sep - 26/Sep/2017
Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

8/Oct - 15/Oct/2017
IndieCork Festival

6/Oct - 15/Oct/2017
Sedicicorto International Film Festival

18/Oct - 29/Oct/2017
shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival

About us
The Short Film Conference has been in existence since 1970 as non-profit association for the promotion of the short film. We are the only international organist in the world seeking to unite the global short film community.