Go Debut European Film Festival

Go Debut European Film Festival is only film festival in the world that introduces European film debutants through competition programs that are solely based on short film formats. Go Debut EFF considers film a ‘debut film’ when director’s previous films

Festival Formula

Festival Formula was created after discovering a gap in filmmakers’ knowledge, and realising she could help manage their time, expectation, and admin levels. After 9 years of providing the service on a word-of-mouth basis she decided to leave the writing

Estonian Short Film Center

Kuandu International Animation Festival

The KuanDog Prize is held at the 8th Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) in 2018 to provide animators a platform to screen and promote their works. The Festival not only injects new energy into the animation industry, it also promotes

Banatu Filmak

Banatu Filmak is an audiovisual production and distribution company based in the Basque Country. It was born in 2010, its main objective is to distribute and promote short films, feature films and documentaries at festivals, not to mention other platforms for film exhibition, or

Shorts That Are Not Pants

Film blogger James McNally (Toronto Screen Shots) launched Shorts That Are Not Pants in December 2009, showing a program of shorts in his apartment to a small group of friends. Several other editions followed, and he soon felt it was

Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art

Wiz-Art is an annual International Short Film Festival, which takes place in Lviv, Ukraine at the beginning of August. The festival was started by art formation Wiz-Art, which was founded in 2008. The festival shows more than 100 brand new

Norwegian Short Film Festival

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is a short film and short documentary festival with a competition programme for Norwegian and International short film, short docs and Norwegian music videos. In addition to the award programmes, we present international documentaries, arrange

CineMare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel

CineMare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel welcomes ocean themed films from all genres and of all lengths. By bringing the oceans on land and onto the cinema screens, the festival aims to increase awareness of and love for the blue

Short Waves Festival

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