Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS

Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS is the oldest short film festival in the Baltics. An independent film and audiovisual festival that offers original, innovative, challenging and socially relevant short films and Mid-length films. Along with the competition programme, annual and special screenings, the festival offers an extensive Focus Programme, offering a research on a socially relevant topic through the expressions of modern and historical film art.

Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg

The Short Film Week Regensburg was founded in 1994 by the Arbeitskreis Film e.V. and takes place since then in an annual cycle. In the first year it was just a small experiment with one festival cinema. Today with up to four festival cinemas the International Short Film Week Regensburg is not just a firm institution in the cultural life of Regensburg but has become an inconceivable part of the international short film circuit.

While in the beginning there was just one general programme, meanwhile there are four competitions and diverse special programmes. Still, the German and the International Competition are the main focus of the festival. Here we receive several thousand submissions by now.

In 1999 a heyday and publics favourite was established: the Plattenfilme (record films). At this event DJs from Regensburg compose on site to silent films. Since the interest in the „record films” is growing even national and international DJs, like Gebrüder Teichmann or DJ Markus Güntner, contributed to this event during the last years.

In the year 2000 another programme was brought to life: „Cinema Mi Amor”. Here you can watch declarations of love to the short film by experts who compile a special programme of their favourite films, which once conquered their heart.

In March 2013, at the award ceremony of the 19th edition, the renaming of the Short Film Week Regensburg to International Short Film Week Regensburg was officially announced.

Jinzhen International Short Film Festival

Jinzhen International Short Film Festival is an international short film competition jointly held by Hancheng Jinzhen film development Co., Ltd and international short film organizations. So far, Jinzhen International Short Film Festival has established «Jinzhen International Short Film Association» with 26 countries and regions such as Germany, Korea, France, the United States, New Zealand, Britain, and Hongkong. The association is committed to promote the communication, cooperation and transaction among the member countries and lead Chinese short films integrate with international short film industry.

By taking advantage of the influence of well-known international film festivals and absorbing their operational experience, Jinzhen aims to establish a platform which attracts the attention of industry experts and the attention of people who are engaged in international short films; to arouse earnest interest and sustained attention of the general public in short films and culture of the city; to stimulate tourism industry; to enhance the visibility and popularity of the city.

Tirana International Film Festival

TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is the first international film festival and the only of its kind in Albania. This extraordinary cultural event created in 2003 is one of the most important cinematic event in Balkans.

TIFF aims to create in Albania, as well as in the region, a cultural center of worldwide alternative and independent cinema. Albania is a solar, enthusiastic and friendly country and besides the “strong competition” TIFF aims at the same time to be a meeting point of cultures, where people of Tirana, the guests and all those who love films will have a cinema-language-communication week.

TIFF aims to create a friendly space for film artists and cinema enthusiasts from Albania, Europe and the entire world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the motion picture art form. The intention of TIFF is to bring filmmakers, producers and distributors from all around the world to Tirana, in hopes of fostering future co-operation in this interesting scenic area. By bringing together these distinct voices and their work, TIFF commits itself to introducing audiences to alternative visions of extraordinary diversity. “Think Different, See Alike” is the slogan and motto of TIFF.

TIFF aims at demonstrating strong efficiency in audience development (especially toward young audience) by implementing activities before, during and after the event, including year-long activities and travelling to other cities with various smaller partner and smaller festivals in the country. Partnering with small organizations and youth centers around the country in order to use the existing facilities in each city will not only give to TIFF a large national impact, but will enhance on the other side the increase of values of small events in each respective city in which TIFF will be present.

The Festival yearly getting thousands of submissions from submitting online in our website and other online platforms which applies for being selected. TIFF is an international cinema event whose main objective is to enlarge the number of venues and time of screening of European and non-European films of all genres and durations in Albania as well as it is considered to be an event to develop new audiences around the country, combining film screenings with public debates and thematic debates approaching new and an increased Film Audience and focusing also on Film Literacy.

Since its inception, TIFF receives over 20,000 short and feature films from over 120 countries around the world. Out of all these applications more than hundred films can be chosen each year for the competition program.

Go Debut European Film Festival

Go Debut European Film Festival is only film festival in the world that introduces European film debutants through competition programs that are solely based on short film formats. Go Debut EFF considers film a ‘debut film’ when director’s previous films (if any made,) have not been awarded nor specially mentioned at any festival.

Festival Formula

Festival Formula is a consultancy company helping filmmakers navigate the worldwide festival circuit. Founded by Katie McCullough with over 14 years experience, the company looks after a large slate of active films. The company was created after discovering a gap in filmmakers’ knowledge, and realising they could help manage filmmaker’s time, expectation, and admin levels. Since launching it has developed into the leading festival consultancy company in the UK, and makes regular appearances at film schools, industry events and festivals both nationally and internationally.

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Kuandu International Animation Festival

The KuanDog Prize is held at the 8th Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF) in 2018 to provide animators a platform to screen and promote their works.

The Festival not only injects new energy into the animation industry, it also promotes interactions between local and international participants.

The KuanDog Prize encourages submissions from excellent animators and filmmakers. KDIAF also offers screening programs for outstanding animated films in different categories selected from all over the world.

Every year we have around 20,000 attendees to our events.